Into the Meat Grinder digipack

175,00 kr
Into the Meat Grinder digipack

Digipack CD reissue of our debut album Into the Meat Grinder from 2019.

Track listing:
1. Tank Corps Unleashed
2. Black Twisted Limbs
3. Stench of Guts
4. Zaamurets
5. Where Men Are Made and Undone
6. Shtrafbat
7. Meat Grinder
8. Panzerfaust Sacrifice
9. Bones of the Conquered
10. Beneath Freezing Waves

Recorded at Big Balls Studio, Karlstad, Sweden, with recording engineer Dennis Eriksson.

Mixed by Dennis Eriksson.

Mastered by Jonny Pettersson (Gods Forsaken, Henry Kane, Just Before Dawn, Wombbath) for vinyl, CD and streaming.

Album art: William Persson Öberg.